2023 Toronto Prostate Cancer Genetics Retreat

Session 1: Targeted Therapies  

Moderator: Dr. Chris Wallis

Management of Advanced Prostate Cancer: A New Era

Dr. Maria Jiang, Genitourinary Medical Oncologist, UHN

Molecular landscape of high-risk localized prostate cancer in the Genomic Umbrella Neoadjuvant Study (GUNS)

Dr. Joshua Scurll, Prostate Centre, University of British Columbia


Session 2:  Health and Genetic Services

Moderator: Emily Thain

Barriers to Germline Testing in Prostate Cancer in the US

Dr. Benjamin Davies, Professor of Urology, Pittsburgh University

Genetic Counselling for Prostate Cancer

Mr. Justin Lorentz, Genetic Counsellor, Sunnybrook Health Sciences

A Patient Experience

Robert Kamen, Toronto


Session 3: Molecular Genetics and Heritable Risk

Moderator: Dr. Mohammad Akbari

Recent Developments in Prostate Cancer Polygenic Risk Scores (PRS)

Dr. Burcu Darst, Genetic Epidemiologist, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Universal Testing in Oncology

Dr. Raymond Kim, Medical Director of Cancer Early Detection, PMH

The Canadian Uptake of Genetic Testing in Prostate Cancer

Julie Reynolds, Senior Manager Diagnostics – Oncology, AstraZeneca


Session 4: Global Innovation and Industry Perspectives

Moderator: Dr. Roderick Clark

Addressing Disparities in Genetic Testing in the Era of PARP Inhibitors for Prostate Cancer

Sasha Farina, Field Medical Advisor – Oncology, Pfizer

Real World Landscape of Genomic Testing in Canada

Katherine Chan, Medical Science Liaison, Janssen Canada Inc.


Session 5: Translational Research and the Future of Genomics  

Moderator: Dr. Rashid Sayyid

Hereditary Cancer Surveillance Using Cell-free DNA Sequencing

Dr. Trevor Pugh, Canada Research Chair in Translational Genomics; Senior Scientist, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre; Director of Genomics, OICR; Associate Professor, Department of Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto.

Prostate Cancer: from germline context to somatic evolution to clinical aggression

Dr. Paul C. Boutros, Professor of Human Genetics and Urology at the David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA

Horizon Scanning in Prostate Cancer Therapeutics

Dr. Anthony Joshua, Head of Department of Medical Oncology, Kinghorn Cancer Centre;

Chair, Australian Ocular Melanoma Alliance c/o MASC Trials; Staff Specialist, St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney